Top Reasons Why Eye Doctors Recommend Contact Lenses for Preteens

When preteens want to get contact lenses, parents may feel indecisive. They may not be sure those kids are responsible enough to care for the lenses properly. It’s reassuring to know that Indianapolis eye doctors and their staff members can teach these youngsters how essential it is to follow care instructions for contacts. Opticians at the clinics show the patients how to safely insert and remove contacts, as well as how to clean and store them. Daily disposable lenses are an option if parents would just as soon not have the kids deal with the cleaning routine.

Parents may also feel encouraged to learn that wearing contact lenses is associated with certain positive results for preteens.


Eye Doctors Recommend a Healthy Diet to Combat Digital Eye Strain

More people are spending more time not only on their computers, but also on their smartphones and tablets, putting them more at risk of developing digital eyestrain. According to a recent report from the Vision Council, over a third of millennials are suffering from eye strain brought by staring too long at screens, which can consequently turn into more serious vision problems.

It’s unavoidable for some to stare at their computer and phone screens, especially if it’s part of their job, but this should not be an excuse to ignore eye health. Digital eyestrain has been a growing concern among medical experts, especially since it can make them more at risk of suffering from macular degeneration, a condition that currently afflicts over 10 million Americans.