Eye Care Guide: Why Is Regular Visit to an Optometrist So Important?

If you are like many others, you may have heard the recommendation to visit an Indianapolis optometrist annually, but you may not remember the last time you had an eye exam from an optometrist. There are several good reasons why you may need to visit the optometrist soon for an annual check-up, and these are among the top reasons.

Update Your Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses Prescription

It can be difficult to determine on your own if your prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses in Indianapolis has changed unless there has been a major adjustment to your vision. However, even a minor adjustment can impact eyesight, and you may find yourself squinting to see things others see clearly. This can cause headaches, make everyday tasks challenging and result in dangerous driving when you are behind the wheel. Updating your prescription regularly is the best way to avoid these downsides associated with poor eyesight.


Visit Eye Doctors Immediately Upon First Warning Signs of Poor Vision

Poor vision is a problem that many people will naturally have to deal with as they age. However, by determining the early signs of vision problems, it can be possible to quickly implement a solution, thus delaying, if not totally avoiding, the deterioration of the eyesight. What most people can’t tell, though, is when exactly they need to start wearing glasses.

Even before your vision actually goes hazy, you may already have been experiencing some of the early signs of eyesight deterioration, but just did not think too much about it.

Visit an Eye Doctor to Get Special Eyewear for Construction Sites

Constructing a building is one of those occupations that require a zero margin of error because of the potential dangers even a slightest mistake may cause. Aside from mathematical, architectural, and artisan knowledge, workers in the construction industry need to have something very basic to help them perform their tasks efficiently: a clear vision and adequate eye protection.
According to Phil Johnson, in his article for Occupational Health and Safety magazine, the advent of summer underlines this need, as summer construction work is common, even in Indiana. Expansion work on at least three interstate highways in the state has began, and Indiana University-East has also started building a new student activity center.

See Clearly: Visit Indianapolis Eye Doctors and Have an Eye Exam Today

People frequently hear health tips about how to take care of their skin, how to gain or reduce weight, how to keep fit, and ways to quit smoking. One thing that is overlooked, however, is the health of the eyes. Just like any other part of the body, the eyes need to be taken care of and certain lifestyles can help protect a person’s vision and prevent age-related eye problems. Other than the healthy things to be done every day, visiting Indianapolis eye doctors plays a part in keeping one’s eyes healthy.

Visit an Indianapolis Eye Doctor to Ensure Your Vision Remains Clear

Similar to what a yearly visit to the dentist does for your dental health, an annual visit to an Indianapolis ophthalmologist like Dr. Penn Moody of Moody Eyes can be key to ensuring your eyes will always be in top form. The reason for this is that there are a lot of eye diseases that do not show their symptoms until permanent damage has been done. Some examples of conditions that can sneak up on you are cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Eye examinations can help identify these diseases as a thorough check of your eyesight and your eyes can be carried out, giving eye doctors a chance to intervene early.

For eye examinations to be effective, you’ll have to go through all the vital steps of the process. The first step that an eye doctor in Indianapolis would take is to ask you about your general medical history. This involves what conditions you currently have and your medication history.